Refer Your Non-Fit Clients to SNAP!

Got a prospect in your inbox who’s just not the right fit? Good news: you can refer them to SNAP Copy!

If your referred prospect buys SNAP Credits, you’ll get a $100 Amazon gift card for your trouble.

You’ll ALSO get…

  • To focus on the work you want to, WITHOUT leaving anyone hanging (or taking projects outside of your specialty)
  • To look (and feel) like a well-connected badass to the potential client
  • The confidence of knowing that your prospect is in excellent hands

You stay focused. The client gets connected to a team of expert writers to tackle their project. And SNAP serves up the right copy for the job.

Everyone wins!

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Types of projects you can refer to SNAP Copy

Whether a project is simply outside your specialty or too small for you to bother, it’s likely SNAP can help. Here are the most common types of projects we deliver to clients:

  • Landing & sales page rewrites — Including heuristic UX and design evaluation and line-level conversion-oriented improvements


  • PPC ads — Not your jam? We’ll happily take care of them


  • Facebook ads — Including image recommendations and multiple headlines for the client to choose from


  • Email rewrites — Prefer to stay out of the inbox? We write personal, clickthrough-focused emails for industries ranging from B2B to B2C to DTC to CPG and beyond (true story)


  • Call to action copy — For test-focused clients who are optimizing the small pieces


  • Opt-in copy — For clients looking for more list signups (or to test different angles or approaches)


  • Unique value proposition (UVP or USP) rewrites — Clients find it hard to get their UVP right. Copywriters find it hard to scope these types of small projects. SNAP solves both problems!

Ready to refer? Send a short email intro to your client & CC

Or just click here to open a pre-addressed draft


“I’ve been lucky enough to work directly with James E. Turner and Lianna Patch, who co-run SNAP. James and Lianna manage a small roster of highly vetted, experienced copywriters, and they personally review each project before it’s sent back to the client.”

– Charlie Gilkey, Founder of Productive Flourishing (and SNAP Client #00001)

James E. Turner Lianna Patch


SNAP works on a credit system, so your clients can buy SNAP Credits and redeem them for better copy as needed

Here’s how SNAP Credits work:

  1. First, referred clients who decide to work with SNAP will buy Credits, and fill out a short Client Brief to tell us about their business. As soon as your referred client buys credits, we’ll send you your $100 Amazon gift card as a thank-you!


  2. When they’re ready to spend Credits on a copy project, they’ll fill out a Project Brief to tell SNAP more about their goals for that project.


  3. They’ll get their conversion-optimized copy in their inbox within a matter of days.

Smaller jobs, like PPC ad copy and short email copy optimization (each 1 Credit) get turned around faster than bigger jobs. Makes sense, right?

For any project that will cost more than 4 credits, SNAP will confirm the number of credits with clients before getting started.

Check out the full list of Ways to Use Your SNAP Credits for more. (Link will open in a new tab.)


Ready to refer? Send a short email intro to your client & CC

Or just click here to open a pre-addressed draft

And thanks!