Get Conversion-Optimized Copy in as Little as 48 Hours

Send us your copy — from websites and landing pages to blog posts, emails, and more — and we’ll turn it into a conversion machine that ramps up your revenue.
Or, send us your small copy jobs (PPC ads, etc), and we’ll write ‘em from scratch.

“Finally, a copywriting service scalable to our needs. From full-page rewrites to headlines to top-of-the-page grabbers, SNAP Copy provides fast turn-around and excellent copy.

If you are optimizing your website, this is a fantastic service to have in your toolbelt.”

Brian Massey

Conversion Scientist, Conversion Sciences

SNAP is the simplest way for agencies, small businesses, and e-commerce shops to get test-worthy, conversion-optimized copy written and reviewed by expert copywriters.

  • It’s hard to find a great copywriter with availability when you need them
  • You waste too much time on emails back and forth, hammering out scope and fees
  • Your in-house writers are overloaded and can’t take the time to make every project perfect
  • It takes too long to educate freelancers on how your business works
  • You write your own copy…but you’re not sure it’s getting the results you need
  • 1 price gets you access to our expertise in copywriting, CRO, SEO, and more
  • Your copy job is done less than 48 hours after you send it
  • NO MORE PROPOSALS. Our dead-simple intake system makes sending your first job a breeze–and it gets easier the more we work together
  • You’ll have test-ready copy in your inbox when you need it
  • You can rest easy knowing that even the smallest jobs will be edited to perfection

Send Us Your Copy Job

There are just 3 steps to “editing in the awesome”.

Our project brief is easy and quick to fill out. Anyone on your team can do it.

Pay for your job with credits. SNAP credits mean you pay a flat fee for your copy, whether it’s a quick and easy fix or a longer, more in-depth job. You always know exactly how many credits you’ll pay ahead of time.


We review your brief, email you to confirm how many credits it will take, and start writing.

As soon as you request a job, we’ll assess the number of credits it requires, and assign it to the writer who best fits your needs. You’ll have 1-credit jobs back in your hands within 48 hours. (Excludes weekends and U.S. and Canadian holidays).


Two copywriters work on your job, giving you the best possible copy in the least amount of time.

Every SNAP job is written by a seasoned conversion copywriter, and reviewed by a SNAP director. Then the finished copy comes to you.

To Make Your Life Easier, We Use a Credit System at SNAP.

Instead of going back and forth with your contract copywriter or marketing agency about project scope, deliverables, and timeline for every last little snippet of copy — while your projects get stuck in the pipeline — you’ll have a supply of credits.

Trade some or all of your credits for polished, optimized, test-ready copy. That’s how simple it is.

Need help with just a small project or two? Nab a 5-credit pack. Have larger projects or lots of deliverables? Buy a larger SNAP credit pack (and save more money per credit).

How Many Credits Will Your Jobs Take?

1 Credit Jobs (48 hrs)
  • Write 3 headline options
  • Write 5 subject lines to A/B test
  • Write an AdWords ad
  • Optimize a short ecommerce description
  • Optimize App Store copy
  • Optimize Etsy store copy
  • Generate 5 optimization ideas for a lead gen page
  • Generate 5 optimization ideas for a home page
  • Optimize a short email (~150 words)
2 Credit Jobs (3 days)
  • Write 3 headline options + hero copy
  • Optimize a longer newsletter
  • Message-match 3 ads with 3 LPs
  • Optimize a longer product description
  • Optimize App Store copy
  • Optimize Amazon copy
  • Optimize a lead gen page
  • Propose 7 long sales copy edits
  • Optimize 1 email in a drip campaign
4 Credit Jobs (5 days)
  • Optimize a landing page
  • Write a sales email
  • Optimize 4 steps in an ad UX
  • Revise 4 short product descriptions
  • Write App Store copy from scratch
  • Optimize a Kickstarter pitch
  • Write a lead gen page
  • Revise 500 words of long sales copy
  • Optimize 2 emails in a drip campaign

Get 2 expert copywriters on every job

5 Credits

  • Excellent for smaller or one-off projects
  • Fast turnaround
  • 1 brand
  • Credits are good for 6 months
  • $199/credit

25 Credits

  •  Level up all of your landing pages, and more
  • Fast turnaround
  • 1 brand
  • Credits are good for 6 months
  • $107/credit

50 Credits

  •  Ideal for agencies and ecommerce shops
  • Make SNAP your on-call secret copy weapon!
  • 1 brand
  • Credits are good for 6 months
  • $99/credit

Why trust SNAP?

Joanna Wiebe and Lance Jones started SNAP copy as a branch of Copy Hackers, home of the best conversion copywriting resources available.

In 2016, Joanna and Lance passed the reins to James Turner and Lianna Patch. Along with being great fans of Copy Hackers and all of the resources it’s produced, James and Lianna are alumni of Joanna’s first ever Copywriter Mastermind.

James and Lianna have written copy and provided conversion rate optimization guidance for hundreds of clients across dozens of industries. They’d be pleased to write or optimize your copy, too.

James E. Turner

James E. Turner

CRO Director

James is a conversion copywriter who lives and works in Fredericton, New Brunswick (…Canada). He is the owner of Turner Creative, which offers conversion copywriting and CRO consulting.

Lianna Patch

Lianna Patch

Copy Director

Lianna Patch is a conversion copywriter from New Orleans. Along with SNAP, she runs Punchline Conversion Copywriting, where she specializes in writing conversion copy with a sense of humor.
James’ copy and recommendations moved the paid conversion rate of our advertising sales pages from 4% to 10% – an impressive 150% lift! We got great insights about our own business, and now better communicate our value to customers. Martin Howlings


Lianna is relentlessly committed to producing the best outcomes for all her projects, whether they are small favors for friends or massively-converting landing pages for major businesses. Her mastery is deep and wide and enriched by a contagious excitement for the discovery and creative processes. Julia Sevin

Owner, Julia Sevin Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase just 1 credit?
We’re afraid not. The smallest credit pack we can offer is 5 credits. This is because of all the research and briefing we do to get up to speed on your brand, voice, product or service, audience, and style before we start on any work for you.
How can I be sure your work is good if I can’t try it out first?

Make that decision the same way you would when considering hiring any other agency, freelancer, or consultant: based on our past work at SNAP, Punchline Conversion Copywriting, and Turner Creative. SNAP aims to give you faster-than-normal access to high-end copy, with the built-in quality assurance that comes from having two highly skilled copywriters on every job.

Isn’t SNAP a bit pricy for startup budgets?

Yes and no. SNAP is pricy for any business that doesn’t value the role of online copy and content in its business growth. If you do know the value of effective copy, however, you’ll also recognize that having on-demand access to quickly completed, twice-reviewed copy–without paying a five-figure retainer–is a pretty great deal.

Who will be writing and reviewing my copy?

Both Lianna AND James. We’re keeping things small for now as we relaunch the business. As we grow, we’ll likely add a few specialist team members. Rest assured that they will be as good as we are (or even better), and trained to the same exacting professional standards.

What if I’m not satisfied with SNAP's work?

SNAP does not offer refunds or guarantees. We’re not a copy factory; we’re highly skilled copywriters, devoted to creating well-researched, conversion-optimized copy. However, if we agree that we didn’t do your project brief justice, we’ll redo your job at no cost. 

...And what if I’m SO satisfied I want to hire you for a project?

Well, first of all, thanks! SNAP is built for small writing and copy optimization jobs, so we don’t take on large or long-term project work here. But both Lianna and James reserve time outside of SNAP to create bigger projects with amazing clients like yourself. You can find James at Turner Creative and Lianna at Punchline Conversion Copywriting.