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Hey there, good to see you! Glad you followed the link I sent.

I’ll get right to it.

I’m recommending that you engage SNAP Copy to write and optimize your copy projects (and let’s admit it — there’s copywriting involved in nearly all projects, isn’t there?).

Read all the way to the bottom for the special offer SNAP put together just for you, my friend. 🙂

SNAP has worked on all sorts of copy projects for my business

I think of SNAP as part of my team, minus the ongoing management & overhead. In fact, I often
simply ask my VA to send them our upcoming copy projects. Done and done.

Basically, they’re my on-demand copy + optimization experts.

I’ve relied on SNAP’s expertise to get more clickthroughs and higher ROI on my…

  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • PPC ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Product descriptions
  • Call to action copy
  • Opt-in copy
  • Email subject lines

I’ve been lucky enough to work directly with James E. Turner and Lianna Patch, who co-run SNAP. James and Lianna manage a small roster of highly vetted, experienced copywriters, and they personally review each project before it’s sent back to the client.

James E. Turner Lianna Patch


SNAP works on a credit system, so you can buy SNAP Credits and redeem them for better copy when you need it.

Here’s how SNAP Credits work:

1. First, you’ll buy Credits, and fill out a short Client Brief to tell SNAP about your business.

2. When you’re ready to spend Credits on a copy project, you’ll fill out a Project Brief to tell SNAP more about your goals for that project.

3. You’ll get your conversion-optimized copy in your inbox within a matter of days.


Smaller jobs, like PPC ad copy and short email copy optimization (each 1 Credit) get turned around faster than bigger jobs. Makes sense, right?

For any project that will cost more than 4 credits, SNAP will confirm the number of credits with you before getting started.

(No matter how big the job, though, trust me when I say it’s still much faster than booking out a qualified copywriter weeks in advance for the same project.)

If you like, you can check out the full list of Ways to Use Your SNAP Credits (link will open in a new tab).


For my small business, working with SNAP is easier and more cost-effective than keeping an expert conversion copywriter on retainer.


Want an example of the kinds of work I send to SNAP?

Here’s one project SNAP recently did for me. They wrote this opt-in for my site, Productive Flourishing:

productive flourishing - goody bag pop up

(I’ll be honest — I didn’t even like the copy that much.)

But numbers don’t lie.

After the copy test was complete, SNAP’s opt-in copy had boosted signups by 129%.


productive flourishing opt-in lift

I still didn’t like the copy that much… but I liked the results it brought.


If you want to improve your results-focused copy, then SNAP has something for you.


SNAP has agreed to offer the people I send them something they’ve never offered anyone else: a chance to “test drive” their service.

Normally, to get started working with SNAP, you’d need to buy at least a pack of 5 SNAP Credits.

But I spoke with James and Lianna, and they agreed that for the folks whom I personally think would benefit from working with SNAP, they’d offer their Generate 5 Optimization Ideas for a Landing Page service free of charge (this is a $199, or 1-Credit, value).

It’s a chance for you to work on a project with SNAP completely free of risk or worry — and you might just get a big lift, like I did!

Sounds like a win to me.

Go ahead and click the button below (or just click right here) to get what I’m affectionately calling “The Charlie Deal”: