It’s About Time

It’s About Time is SNAP Copy’s productized About Page writing service! Get your About page done and looking better than ever with just…

  • 2 hours of your time (AKA 1 focus block)
  • 2 weeks to get your newly optimized About page
  • $200 (let’s face it: a steal of a deal)

Looking for some social proof? Here’s what Charlie had to say about some ads we did for him recently (we just copy-pasted out of the email, lol):

“Hey Lianna and James, just wanted to let you know y’all have been trouncing my former ads team’s ad results and mine! You’ve 2x+ our ROAS [Return on Ad Spend], halved our CPC [Cost Per Click], and nearly doubled our CTR [Click-Through Rate]. We should probably make this my testimonial.”

– Charlie Gilkey, Productive Flourishing

It's time to finally get that About page off your to-do list! Take advantage of this special SNAP x Productive Flourishing offer to get pro copywriters' eyes on your most precious (and painful to finish) page.

Working with SNAP usually starts with a minimum $1k investment for a 5-credit pack. But because we love Charlie (and, by extension, you) we're offering this special, low-barrier way to get your About page website-ready and sounding better than ever.

It's About Time is all about the power of 2:

  1. 2 Hours - You take 1 focus block to write out a fast, off-the-cuff (rough) first draft
  2. 2 Weeks - The team at SNAP gets your polished About page back to you in 2 weeks or less
  3. $200 - All it takes to (finally) get a publishable page that makes you proud