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Join 70+ Happy SNAP customers, including…
Clients we've written copy for
Clients we've written copy for
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“Yet again…you crushed it! BRAVO!”

Josh Shipp

CEO, Brilliant Partners

Schedule a call to instantly get…

Actionable feedback on your current copy

Show us what you’ve got. We’ll ask insightful questions about your target readers, point out weak spots and opportunities for improvement, and  suggest new, more persuasive copy that you can publish or test right away.

Deeper clarity on your messaging

Launching a new product or service, and need to nail your messaging right out of the gate? Use your Strategy Call to get crystal-clear on who you’re serving, what that audience needs to hear, and how to galvanize readers to take action.

Expert insight without the wait

As you may know already, most experienced conversion copywriters are in high demand (in each of our private consultancies, we’re regularly booked out for months at a time). With SNAP, you can sidestep the waiting period and get expert guidance much sooner.

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Just a few ways to spend your hour with SNAP

  • Get our line-by-line feedback on your landing page copy, UX, and design, from headlines and subheaders all the way down to photo captions and footers
  • Walk through an automated email series to review and improve email strategy, content, and timing
  • Bring your junior copywriter (or copy team) to pick our brains
  • Create a research-based (AKA actually useful) persona to make your marketing offers more effective and cohesive
  • However else you’d like to put us to work for one action-packed hour!

Who’s this for?

You, probably. If you want better ROI from your funnel without going down the Brand Improvement Rabbit Hole, copy is the best place to start.

In just a few minutes, we can give you our overall impressions of your website, landing page, email, and/or ad copy. Then we’ll spend the rest of our hourlong call (recorded, of course) suggesting ways to rewrite and improve it.

Don’t feel like taking notes? No problem. We’ll record your call and send you the recording immediately afterward.

Client viewing review video

How much does it cost?

Just $497.

We decided to create this Strategy Call offer as a way for you to get actionable copy advice and messaging guidance quickly and effectively.

How is it delivered?

Together, we’ll choose an uninterrupted hour that works for our schedule and yours. When the time comes, we’ll hop into Zoom and get right down to business! After we wrap up, we’ll send a link to your call recording for your rewatching pleasure.


Photo of James E. Turner

James E. Turner

CRO Director

James is a conversion copywriter who lives and works in Fredericton, New Brunswick (…Canada). He is the owner of Turner Creative, which offers conversion copywriting and CRO consulting.
Photo of Lianna Patch

Lianna Patch

Copy Director

Lianna Patch is a conversion copywriter from New Orleans. Along with SNAP, she runs Punchline Conversion Copywriting, where she specializes in writing conversion copy with a sense of humor.

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