Get specific, actionable feedback on your

website’s design, UX, and copy for just $197

“Yet again…you crushed it! BRAVO!”

Josh Shipp

CEO, Brilliant Partners

What do I get?

This detailed page audit (priced at less than 2 SNAP credits!) includes…

  • In-depth (~20 minutes) recorded video review of your website — We’ll walk through up to 3 pages of your website and identify flaws and potential opportunities in your design, UX, and copy. Show me an example audit
  • YOUR direction on pages to review — You choose the number of pages (up to 3) you’d like us to review! Want us to dive deep on a single landing page? We’ll happily live-audit the copy word by word. Rather get a broader overview of major opportunities throughout your entire site? We’ll zoom out.
  • A bullet-point list of prioritized recommendations — In case you simply have no time to watch a video.

What can I do with it?

Think of this audit as a handy “shopping list” of things to fix, test, or optimize. Since you get to tell us which pages you want us to audit, you control the level of detail we’ll go into. 

For example: If you’d like detailed feedback on a single page, we’ll review that page line-by-line, and offer suggestions for rewriting. We’ll also consider the context in which a visitor might be arriving there, and offer more feedback on design, imagery, and user interface. 

If you’d rather get a broader understanding of your entire website’s copy opportunities, we’ll spend less time per page, and instead begin to identify patterns of flaws or opportunities for improvement (e.g. “Headlines should be written in second-person/’you’ voice; calls to action need compelling verbs; replace stock photos with imagery of the team, or illustrated graphics”).